A tenacious, loving and energetic entrepreneur who enjoys colorful and aromatic ingredients from around the world to bring exceptional and mouthwatering entrees for our patrons.

The journey wasn’t simple. I stated working at a local Indian restaurant located at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 28th Street back in early 90’s. In mere working there for about 3 months, I got promoted to manager position. The owner of the restaurant handed over the key of the premise because he believed in me. That was the time, when he first said, “Isha, one day you will have your own restaurant”.

Even before working there, I had some prior experience in sales yet the restaurant industry was a new introduction. It did not take me long to realized that in fact, I loved every single day being there. What I found phenomenal was the process of coming up with the idea of menu idea that we must’ve be sure about that almost everyone should love it. Then, transfer that prototype with the art of cooking. Sometime it would take more than several attempts before reaching that wow result. There were times when team absolutely rejected the idea at initial level. I somehow found myself very much attached to the whole process of restaurant business.

That was it. In the year 2001 Cafe Lazzat was born. That restaurant was located in the Franklin Square vicinity. In 2004, we transfer the business to Bellmore area since we realized that a large amount of our customers were coming from South Shore of Long Island. At the time, we were the first one to arrive in the area. Immediately we got really busy. The locals were very much appreciative for the fact that the first Indian Restaurant has arrived in their neighborhood. We went ordinary to extraordinary there in just one year. New menu with more add on entrees was introduced. Additional methods of deliveries were added. Interior decoration of the ambient dinning area enhanced. Newer POS system with kitchen management was installed. Those were the days when we cherished the hanging fruit from the tree that we planted in 2001.

As the location in Bellmore changed to Medical Building, we moved to 3245 Sunrise Hwy, Wantagh. This is our current location. We are proudly serving to our beloved customers here on daily basis. Looking forward to serve you the best in the town.